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Eric Diaz’s Cosmos

March 26, 2010


Beneath the first of three stars in a row,
where lie the remnants of giants long dead,
I caught the light of a nebulous glow–
A glow that gave rise to an equine head.
So grand it seems that from the cosmic pair
of stellar nursery and stellar grave,
worlds will emerge, lit by a new star’s glare–
Phoenixes reborn from the lives they gave.
I pondered this cloud with great persistence
and found a glimpse of an answer long sought
to the question of our own existence.
By travel-weary photons I’ve been taught
that the cosmos created eyes in me
so it can gaze and have itself to see.

Eric Francis Diaz

Copyright © 2001 Eric F. Diaz


I am a person of many interests and talents. I am a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) with a B.A. in philosophy.  I am also one of the last, life, governing members of the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum in Chicago, IL.

In this journal I have posted articles I have written and published, as well as examples of my artwork.

Contact: Eric F. Diaz

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